Evidence God Exists

Evidence is available for anyone who wants to learn how to affirm the existence of an eternal Creator who interacts in this world.

Significant pieces of evidence are found in good philosophy, creation, and historical documents. Some of the best philosophical arguments are found in cosmology, teleology, the invisible human mind, the highest good, the problem of evil, absolute truth, and the moral law. Creation offers millions of pieces of evidence from design to intelligence, from matter to non-matter, from living things to non-living things, and from microbiology to the entire realm of the cosmos. Ancient books throughout the ages offer significant insight into historical truth. Many, many pieces of evidence affirm the existence of God. Take your pick, and study it using a higher level of reason. I enjoy learning what the greats from history have said about cosmology, teleology, and the moral law. I like finding out what people are saying today. I find it very helpful to examine objections of the day closely and to not stop prematurely. I encourage you to discover a fresh new look at this world. It is overflowing with millions of pieces of evidence that God does indeed exist.