Tips for a better apologist:

  1. Honor the two greatest commandments: You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, and mind (Matthew 22:36-38); and love your neighbor as yourself (22:39-40).
  2. Pray continually.
  3. Learn the laws of logic and the laws of knowledge.
  4. Learn the difference between an imaginary God and the real God.
  5. Put on the full armor.
  6. Walk in step with the Holy Spirit, be filled daily.
  7. Learn from other great apologists: Apostle Paul, Augustine, Aquinas, etc.

About Lady Apologist

My website offers a place for strengthening your spiritual armor in a safe and supportive environment. I believe good apologetics is for everybody and everyone is welcome!

You can find articles for beginner and advanced levels, an excellent resource for all people.

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LadyApologist.com encourages you to have a more loving, intimate relationship with the Lord, getting to know more about His nature, His character, and His works. Equipped with the Word of God, filled with the Holy Spirit, and blessed by the Father in heaven above, you will be able to edify, admonish, and exhort one another in love and truth. 

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