Want to read the Bible in 2018 with me? I have been going through “The One-Year Chronological Bible” for the past few years and will continue the tradition in 2018. This year, however, my New Year’s resolution is to develop an image or two each week with artwork that goes with the verses from one or two of the devotions. Who knows? Maybe in a few years I will have an image for each day. Each verse is from the New Living Translation. All paintings and photos are from the public domain. To begin your chronological devotions, you will need to get the “One-Year Chronological Bible” NLT.

Daily devotional readings average about ten minutes per day. If you ever fall behind, either forward to today’s reading or catch up by reading for an hour or two on the weekends. I will begin by sorting the images according to each month. Hover over “Devotions” and scroll down to the current month. Enjoy the devotional gallery!