Archaeological Evidence For Melchizedek’s House of God

Sometime around 1900 BC, Abraham was blessed with bread and wine by a holy priest and king named Melchizedek (Gen. 14:17-18). Later in about 1800 BC, Abraham’s grandson, Jacob, found an “awesome place” where he heard an incredible message from God. Jacob called that place the gate of heaven and the “House of God” (Gen. 28:17). In response to God’s wonderful message, Jacob set up a certain stone for a pillar where he poured oil on it (Gen. 28:18). The location of the stone that Jacob set up as a pillar was called God’s House (Gen. 28:22). Jacob also named that place Bethel (Gen. 28:19).

In the following 11-minute video, an archaeologist from Galilee named Eli Shukron presents a specific standing stone that he believes to be dated to the time of Abraham and Melchizedek the priest. Also in the video is Christian apologist, Frank Turek. Shukron escavated the City of David from 1995-2013. The standing stone that was discovered by Eli could very well be the actual stone that was used by Melchizedek in Melchizedek’s House of God. Shukron says the standing stone that he discovered is in an ancient worshipping area where animals were once skinned. Shukron escavated the area near Jerusalem and determined that the holy site was buried during the eighth century BC, or possibly when King Hezekiah was the king of Judah, when the king commanded the Israelites to worship at Solomon’s new temple (aka the First Temple from about 1000 BC). Shukron goes on to call his discovery of Melchizedek’s temple the “Zero Temple,” because after all, if Solomon’s temple is already called the “first” temple, then what should Melchizedek’s temple be called other than the Zero Temple?

Note: All dates are approximates for the sake of order and discussion.

In the artwork above, King/Priest Melchizedek is blessing Abraham with bread and wine.

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Heather Marie Schuldt a Christian Counselor and an author of several fiction and non-fiction books, including a young adult science fiction mystery, "Cindy Sailor and the Hunt for Owen" (2021) and a workbook for creative writers called "Writers 750 Emerald Workbook." She co-authored an award winning fantasy novella, "Gryffon Master," with five authors in 2015. She published six Giant Tales anthologies with over fifty authors in 2013 and 2014. She began studying apologetics in 2016, served as the president of student government, and graduated with a master's degree in 2019 and a PhD in 2022. She is the founder of the Writers 750 Program which began in 2012. She is a Certified Therapist in cognitive behavior therapy and loves to help people learn new life skills. She is happily married with three grown children and enjoys riding her bicycle.

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